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This Is Only A Test

Chris-Tia Donaldson knows what it means to work tirelessly for success. Going from Detroit to Harvard University (twice) to founding a successful hair care company, and facing brutal trials like breast cancer along the way, she embodies the kind of strength so many women in America aspire to have—and knows how their challenges can create remarkable perspective, calm, and understanding.  In This is Only a Test, Chris-Tia reflects on her journey as a black woman in corporate America and shares the lessons that life has taught her. From faith, family, and relationships to the importance of embracing gifts and working under pressure, she shows how all woman can follow their dreams while still staying true to her own needs, physically and emotionally—letting the world go and finding her own pace. Every woman’s path is different. But the way to get there is the same–heads up, relying on her true self, and, ultimately, pursuing her dreams.

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