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Chris-Tia’s message of passion, strength, and resilience resonates with corporate clients, at women’s conventions, at start up conferences, and in various media  outlets. She is available to speak on a wide variety of topics ranging from growing and scaling a business, to hair and skin beauty tips, to overcoming life’s most difficult challenges.


Pursuing Your Passion + Profit
How to Negotiate Like a Boss
Women Winning in the Workplace
The 5-9 Entrepreneur: What to do before you Quit Your Day Job
Leveraging Your Tribe to Achieve Professional Success
Personal Branding: Building Your Executi​ve Presence
Getting Your Products into Retail
Starting a Business/Tr​uths About Entrepreneurship
Growing/Scaling a Business


Clean Beauty: Everything You Need to Know About Choosing Natural Products
Skin Care Essentials for Every Season
Choosing the Right Hair Products for Your Hair Type
DIY Beauty: Using Products in Your Kitchen

Breast Cancer

Life after Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer Health: Fact vs. Fiction
Breast Cancer Health Disparities
Mind Over Matter: How Your Thoughts Shape Your Life
This is Only a Test: What Breast Cancer Taught Me about Faith, Love, Hair and Business


“Chris-Tia was, without a doubt, the highlight of our annual conference, and one of the best investments we could have made when it came to highlighting women entrepreneurship. Simply put – outstanding!”​

-Candace P​.

​”In a word – outstanding!”

                      – Shandra R

“Chris-Tia had the audience captivated from the moment she​ w​alked on stage. The rave reviews keep flowing in … Not only  is Chris-Tia inspiring, but her passion and positivity are life changing so many people.”​

-Monica W.

“I have had the benefit of seeing Chris-Tia speak and it was a significant experience. She delivered a powerful message that resonated with the crowded room. Not only eloquent, but succinct and precise.  In my opinion she is the consummate blend of successful entrepreneur and elite corporate operative. She would grace any stage, anywhere.”

-Cal B.

“Chris-Tia’s authentic tale of survival and overcoming breast cancer ​w​hile running her company gives new perspective to anyone facing difficult times. She is a very skilled speaker​ wh​o is able to draw the audience in, and make them feel like they are talking (and learning) from a close friend.”​

-Brittani M.

“You can’t help but LOVE Chris-Tia!”

-Yasmine Y.​

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