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Black women are trending…

Black women are trending…

Let’s be clear. We’re trending, but we’ve always been hot. #BlackGirlMagic? Yeah, we’ve always been magic. The world is catching up to what we already know.


We. Work. Hard. We stand to earn what’s rightfully ours.


Here’s what I’ve noticed in 2018.


Black women are prioritizing themselves and their health. We are collectively owning and being the best version of ourselves. From Soul Cycle (one of my favs) to yoga, to having cleaner eating habits, it’s safe to say – we’re out here living our best life.


Black women are starting businesses. Nothing makes me happier than supporting my sisters in their ventures. We’re giving back to ourselves. In a world that has a history of tearing us down, we’ve managed to build each other back up. Side hustles, full-time entrepreneurship, and careers – we’re doing what it takes to increase our streams of income.


Black women are paving the way for other black women. We’re actresses, influencers, producers, directors, mayors, senators, and everything in-between. We’re sharing how we did it and the aha moments that got us there along the way. We know that history has shown us that we’re better together than we are apart.

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