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September 2018

Business Lessons Learned From Corporate America

With all the hype around job quitting to become a full-time entrepreneur, consider all the important characteristics of a business owner that can be groomed in Corporate America.   Problem-solving   The reason why companies hire people is because they are an answer to a problem. Become a solution...

How To Get The Skin You’ve Always Wanted

Although tgin is best-known for its line of hair care products, I’m often told that I have flawless skin. It’s one of my best assets, and I’m hoping to soon launch my own line of facial products to complement our existing line of soaps and...

Let’s Talk Hair – Fall Edition!

Fall is the perfect time to begin switching up your hair routine and start adding oils back into your hair regimen more frequently. As we all know, fall and winter weather can be extremely drying to the hair and it’s better to be proactive.  Nothing's...

Fall Essentials I Don’t Live Without

When fall begins to roll around, things just get a bit cozier and so do the essentials!     Hair, always. I'm a woman of many styles so I’m always finding ways to switch up and have fun with my hair. I love to play with extensions, whether I...

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