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How To Get The Skin You’ve Always Wanted

How To Get The Skin You’ve Always Wanted

Although tgin is best-known for its line of hair care products, I’m often told that I have flawless skin. It’s one of my best assets, and I’m hoping to soon launch my own line of facial products to complement our existing line of soaps and shea butters. Let’s keep it simple,  here are a few tips to keep your skin soft, clear, and glowing:


Stay Hydrated


Water is everything when it comes to health, but definitely skin! It’s the easiest and purest way to cleanse your body, after all – we’re mostly made of water. I try to drink at least 32 oz of water before I head out for work in the morning, and while I love the occasional Coca-Cola, I try to limit my intake of sugary beverages. When I’m craving something with a little fizz, I down a sparkling water and keep it moving.


Whether it’s face or body, a good cleanser is always a staple.


For my face, I’ve been a long time user of Origins products. At the moment, my routine is simple.


Cleanse daily with Checks and Balances frothy face-wash
Purify with a toner
Moisturize my face with the Perfect World Moisturizer


As for the body, I stick with the Thank God It’s Natural all natural body soap. Lately, I’ve been rocking with the unscented, but some of my favorite scents are Sugar Pear and Black Raspberry Vanilla.




A good moisturizer seals the deal. Not having a good one is like not drinking water. Having a base regimen is always key. Once I hop out of the shower, I always apply our super soft and moisturizing Organic Shea Butter to help lock in the natural oils and keep my skin soft and supple.


What are your favorite skin care products?

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