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10 Black TV/Movie Love Stories

10 Black TV/Movie Love Stories

With a couple months of quarantine already in the books, you most likely struggling to find something to occupy your time. Over here at tgin, we are diving into our favorite black movies and TV shows and falling back in love with the couples who had us in our feels each and every time.

Here are 10 of our absolute favorite black TV and movie couples!

  • Love Jones—Darius & Nina

The poetry and passionate drama throughout this movie had us in our feels from beginning to end. Nothing says unconditional love like Darius and Nina’s electric union.

  • Queen and Slim—Queen & Slim

Even though Queen and Slim is relatively new compared to the other movies on this list, it showed black love in a light that we rarely ever see on the big screen. Queen and Slim are the black Bonnie and Clyde and the definition of true ride-or-dies!

  • Love & Basketball—Monica & Quincy

From childhood friends to longtime lovers, Monica and Quincy take us on a wild ride through childlike innocence, challenges, and reconciliation, showing us that true love is always worth fighting (and playing) for.

  • Living Single—Max & Kyle

These two powerful, headstrong characters surprised us all when they revealed their love for one another, and while some of us may not have agreed, you can’t help but feel their passion (and hate) in every scene.

  • Moesha—Moesha & Q

Moesha and Q’s relationship was the stereotypical bad girl meets good girl, but the love they had for each other was real and showed us that teenage love affairs are always worth it.

  • Brown Sugar—Sydney & Dre

Despite all of life’s twists and turns, hip-hop heads Sydney and Dre reminded us how important it is to find someone who’s both your lover and your best friend.

  • Just Wright—Leslie & Scott

True, unconditional love often finds us when we least expect it or when we’ve just about given up on the fight. Leslie and Scott reminded us that sometimes the love of our life has been right in front of us all along.

  • A Different World—Dwyane & Whitley

Although they’re from polar opposite worlds and it took them absolutely forever to finally get together, Dwyane and Whitley are one of those couples whose love gives you goosebumps and makes you want to doodle your crush’s initials in your journal.

  • Martin— Gina & Martin

Loyalty and passion with a ton of goofy antics thrown in the mix? What else could you ask for in a relationship? Although Martin could be an absolute handful at times, his love for Gina (and vice versa) was enough to stand the test of time.

  • Family Matters—Laura & Steve

Even though Laura pretty much rejected Steve for most of the show and he lowkey stalked her to get her attention, their eventual relationship was everything we could’ve hoped for and more. True love always prevails!

Who are some of your favorite on screen black couples? What shows are you rewatching?

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