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This is Only a Test – Chris-Tia Donaldson New Book

This is Only a Test – Chris-Tia Donaldson New Book

I’m excited to let you know that my new book, This Is Only a Test: What Breast Cancer Taught Me about Faith, Love, Hair, and Business, is here! It’s been an amazing journey to get it completed, and I’m excited to finally share it with the world. Grab your copy! Now available on Amazon.


Thanks so much for your support. I deeply appreciate it.


To read Chapter 1, The Bali Within, click HERE.


About the Book


CHRIS-TIA DONALDSON knows what it means to beat the odds. Going from the inner city of Detroit to the Ivy League to founding a successful hair care company and facing brutal trials like breast cancer along the way, she embodies the strength so many women in America aspire to have—and knows how the challenges women face can create remarkable perspective, calm, and understanding.In This is Only a Test, Chris-Tia reflects on her journey as a black woman in corporate America and shares the lessons that life has taught her. From faith, family, and relationships to the importance of embracing gifts and defining success on one’s own terms, she shows how all women can follow their dreams while still staying true to their own needs, physically and emotionally. Letting the world go and finding their own pace.Every woman’s path is different. But the way to get there is the same: keep your head up, rely on your true self, and ultimately, pursue your dreams—no matter what stands before you.


This memoir talks about:

How Chris-Tia built a multi-million dollar beauty business while holding down her day job in corporate America before having a side hustle was a thing

How she got her products into Target

How not prioritizing self-care had a significant impact on her health

Losing her mom 60 days before starting her freshman year at Harvard

The challenges that come with dating as a successful black woman and finding love in your 30s

The impact social media has on our self-esteem

How Chris-Tia’s faith sustained her through her battle with breast cancer and helped overcome business challenges


About the Author


CHRIS-TIA DONALDSON was once just a street-smart girl from Detroit with a passion for hair and a dream of owning her own business. Now a two- time Harvard University graduate, bestselling author, and lifestyle expert, she is also the founder and CEO of a nationally distributed beauty brand, Thank God It’s Natural (tgin). Her products are sold in Target, Sally’s Beauty Supply, Walgreen’s, and Whole Foods, and the company continues to grow. Chris-Tia has been named one of Chicago’s 40 Under 40 and has been featured in USA Today, Marie Claire, Essence, Black Enterprise, Heart & Soul, and the Chicago Tribune.

  • Tiffany
    June 27, 2019

    Ms. Donaldson,
    I read chapter one of your book and I can truly say that it has touched my heart in so many ways, I had a tough year in 2018 and there were obstacles that I didn’t know I would be able to cross but God has helped and still helping me get through certain situations, I love your strength and I can wait for the book to come out. Congratulations on finding peace. You are truly and inspiration.

    • Chris-Tia Donaldson
      July 23, 2019

      Thanks so much for reaching out. I’m so glad you stopped by.
      God is able. I’m here to tell you that He is in the business of performing miracles. As they always say, all things are working together for your good. 2018 was challenging for me as well, and for a while I was going through in 2019. There would be days when I was like will I ever get my joy back. Recently, it came back, and when I look back on the storm I went through, I now understand why me/why now/why that situation. I’m learning each and every day that God is who he says he is, and that we have to our our trust in him and not our own understanding. Whatever you’re going through, know that God can and will turn it around and use it for His will.

  • Natalia PG
    May 1, 2020

    Hi, Chris Tia,
    I got to know you at the meeting at UIC Mile Square clinic (Chicago, IL). It was a Friday night and you were speaking to breast cancer survivors.
    I work there as an x ray tech. That day “coincidentally”it was a slow day with no patients. I was hanging out and watching and I thought it was so interesting. I felt so much joy in my spirit. Since I was pregnant I thought i was full of emotions, but deep inside something was telling me that I could or would do that: speaking to people about my experience to help them somehow. I did not understand that it was God speaking to me at that time.
    I started reading your book just now because I was busy with pregnancy and school. We have so much alike even though it is two different histories.
    I would like to tell my story as well. I had so many plans for my life, and starting with my pregnancy everything changed. I feel that my story can encourage others to trust God’s plan more than our own.
    I have never wrote a book before. I don’t know how to get it published. I would love o hear from you you to know how you did it.


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